HexagonOS is light and fast, it uses a modern and intuitive style to adapt to any situation. Our operating system can take care of anything, the user choose what to do and how to do it.

Modern Design

Combining xfce and a set of intuitive and modern icons, HexagonOS provides a pleasant and responsive environment.


Our repositories will keep your operating system up to date, up to the year 2023 (end of ubuntu 18.04 LTS support).

Free & Open

You do not have to pay to get it. The GPL license will give you the freedom to explore and modify what you want while respecting our rights.

For Everyone

Are you a student or an employee? With the HexagonCenter application our operating system will get you everything you need with one click.

What's inside?

After the installation HexagonOS will contain only the essentials. To make the operating system complete you should open HexagonCenter and install the Basic package.

Why Install It On Powerful Computers

The resources that the operating system requires are minimal, this means that the installed programs will have all the power of the hardware at their disposal.

Our Applications

HexagonOS 1.2 contains: HexagonCenter, UBackup (a simple backup tool for your user folder), HexagonAutoDock and AboutHexagon.

Why Choose HexagonOS

Our operating system is fast, stable and clean. You can use it for work purposes or everything you prefer. It has no limits!


Here are some screenshots about HexagonOS and its applications...

Meet the Team


Alberto Sanfelice

HexagonOS developer
PyrosSoftware Owner



Artificial Intelligence
AI.N.E Italy







Get Started!

Download HexagonOS 1.2 for 64bit architecture

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md5: f1cc999f7dce2a20c08cbad93a0d45c7